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"The importance of mental strength and confidence can often be grossly understated, and finally we have someone like Christen to address the most important aspect of sports and self esteem; believing that you can.You walk away feeling like you have gained not only a new perspective, but also tools and skills to help to achieve your greatest goals, in and out of the sporting arena."




Christen's desire to help people reach their fullest potential is evident every time she speaks. Her experience working with some of the most successful women in the world, as well as her transparency, energy, and passion, make her one of the most unique speakers in the game. 


A sought-after speaker, Christen isn't afraid to talk about the real-life issues of a woman. She delivers life-changing messages that inspire Athletes, Teams, Businesses, and Leaders to build their confidence and realize and embrace their fullest potential.

Coach Christen speaks to club teams, college teams, college athletic departments, women in business, women-centric organizations, and more. 

Image by Michael Maasen


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Sr. Director, Ferguson

"Coach Christen spoke on Building Brave Confidence to our Women’s Business Resource Group, EmpowHER. We received incredible feedback from so many members. Coach Christen is a captivating speaker who not only inspires but also helps people take action to overcome their fears and achieve their goals. I highly recommend Christen to anyone who wants to learn more about confidence from a real, transparent and energetic expert!”

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Dress for Success

"I had the honor of working with Christen for the Dress for Success Atlanta PWG leadership conference. She is an incredible speaker. Her message is uplifting, empowering and necessary. The women in attendance were so uplifted by her message on fear and confidence, faith in self and self love. A woman approached me in tears afterwards saying she knew she was exactly where she was supposed to be the minute Christen started speaking."

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Humana, Director of Field Sales Georgia

"We invited Coach Christen in to meet with all the women in our office. We had women from all stages in their lives and careers, and she made an impact on every single person in the room. She led us through some vulnerable conversations and brought awareness to our strengths as women, how to support each other and how to seek and gain confidence in challenging moments. We all walked away as stronger individuals with advice and guidance that extends well beyond our office walls. I am incredibly honored to have had the opportunity to learn and grow from Coach Christen’s wisdom! It was so empowering!"

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WNBA, Olympic & NCAA Champion

"Coach Christen has this unique ability to take her experience as a successful athlete, coach and woman and blends it with her passion for instilling confidence and direction with such an authentic delivery that makes her one of the most dynamic speakers I have heard. Whether it is on an individual level as a confidence coach, or speaking to a large group, Coach Christen meets people where they are at, relates to them with transparency and wisdom, and inevitably leaves them feeling more secure in their capability to handle life and sports."

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Lady Vol Basketball Head Coach

"I enjoyed having conversations with Christen and hearing her story and experiences with athletes.
She gave our staff some fantastic ideas and confidence nuggets to help our student athletes be their best."

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Manager, Marketing & Community Relations

"We host an annual event called ALL FOR HER with a mission to educate, motivate and inspire women in our region. We hired Coach Christen to speak at this event and her presentation embodies each of the words in our mission. She is authentic and inspires others through her personal journey and experiences. Her message was so simple and so relatable, especially considering our diverse group (ages 18-80), everyone walked away inspired."

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Athletic Director, Texas Tech

"Coach Christen's message of promoting confidence in female student-athletes is extremely important, now more than ever. Her powerful message allowed Texas Tech Athletics to continue our mission of empowering our female staff and student-athletes."

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Dir of Educational Enrichment Services

"Coach Christen is a genuine and passionate woman, who when speaking with our female athletes, empowered and encouraged them to seek more for themselves. Her own experience as an athlete and a female, and her willingness to be vulnerable and share exposed moments of her own life, allowed our female athletes to quickly relate and connect to the message. She definitely touched both hearts and minds that day, challenging them to love themselves more and support each other as young women. Powerful!!!"

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Chief Legal Counsel, USA Financial

"Coach Christen was the featured speaker at USA Financial’s inaugural, women’s-initiativeevent. At the end of Christen’s empowering message, we were all emotionally raw and there was hardly a dry eye in the house. The reactions I heard most from the women in the audience were, “I felt like she was talking directly to me,” and “You have no idea how much I needed to hear that at this moment.” Several male colleagues attended Christen’s talk, as well, and they all walked away with a better understanding of not only the confidence issues women face and how to support the women in their lives, but also how they can address their own confidence struggles. We are a stronger, more empathetic, and cohesive team thanks to Christen’s presentation. And because of her message, I am confident that more USA Financial women will give themselves credit, give themselves a break, and find their confidence."

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Humana Women's Network Resource Group Chair

"Coach Christen is a phenomenal speaker and a great storyteller! She's so engaging and motivates you to take action on building your confidence. Her stories are all relatable and she shares her own struggles with confidence (even shaking off the nerves of speaking to a large group). She has clear steps and a motivational message you don't want to miss. Our Humana family was delighted to have her speak and we welcome her back anytime."

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5X Olympic Gold Medalist

"Coach Christen is so special in a million ways, but particularly in her ability to relate to each individual’s journey in her talks. It feels as though she is speaking directly into your heart. Her loving, accepting, and vulnerable attitude makes you feel like you’ve known her your entire life, and she could not be a more perfect person to talk to the importance of confidence and believing in oneself. The importance of mental strength and confidence can often be grossly understated, and finally we have someone like Christen to address the most important aspect of sports and of self-esteem, believing that you can. You walk away feeling like you have gained not only a new perspective, but also tools and skills to help to achieve your greatest goals, in and out of the sporting arena. God placed an angel in my life when He gave me Christen."

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Assoc Head Coach, University of Kansas

"Bringing Christen in to speak to our team this fall was one of the wisest and best investments we could have made for our team. Being able to relate as a former athlete and coach was invaluable as she spoke about true confidence. Not only did the team treasure the time they had with her but so did I! She truly has a gift to be able to connect and speak truth to people in a loving, motivating way."