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Christen Shefchunas is a Professional Confidence Coach who has worked with Olympians, World Champions and NCAA Champions.

She is former All American Swimmer at the University of Tennessee and coached for 16 years, spending time as an assistant coach at Michigan State and SMU and Head Coach at the University of Miami. 

During her time as a coach, Christen watched too many athletes miss out on their potential because of their lack of confidence. Realizing that there was a significant lack of resources for these athletes, Christen left her coaching career and started Coach Christen, a business focused on helping athletes handle the pressure and build their confidence.

She works one-on-one as a confidence coach with some of the best athletes in the world and she is a sought after speaker, speaking to teams, athletes, coaches, parents, women's organizations, and business leaders about building confidence, handling performance anxiety, fear and doubts and what to do in those “pressure to perform” moments.

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