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Image by Michael Maasen


It all starts with 4 calls. 

These 4 calls dive deep into: 

  • How to handle performance anxiety, fear and doubts

  • How to perform at your potential under pressure

  • How to build REAL confidence

  • How to find consistent confidence, even through disappointment and failure



Spend 45-60 minutes one on one with

Coach Christen over FaceTime or Zoom.

You and your teammates can go through the 4 calls together with Coach Christen over Zoom. 
*minimum of 4 athletes*

Image by Michael Maasen
Girl with Folders

"Working with Christen has taught me to be honest with myself. She has taught me how to handle the pressure I feel behind the blocks, and how to “activate the angel” in my head. Now I feel more confident than ever."


National Junior Team/Fishers Area Swimming

Girl with Folders

"Christen has helped me so much on this journey. She has taught me so much and has shown me how to get present and handle the pressure when I’m feeling overwhelmed. I can’t thank her enough for the stories she’s shared and the difference she is making in my swimming."


National Junior Team/Sarasota Sharks

Girl with Folders

"Working with Christen has helped me translate confidence from training to racing. I have learned valuable skills to overcome doubtful and negative thoughts. I can race as myself again. I now know how to bounce back from bad races and I can perform well in high pressure situations. I am thankful for Christen because she has given me a set of skills that I can use for the rest of my life in swimming and beyond."


Indiana University Swimmer

Girl with Folders

"Christen truly helped me flip my mindset when it came to the sport of swimming. Before talking with her, I had all these little fears and anxieties that I would work myself up over. She taught me how to handle those thoughts and get my focus on what I could control. From competition to even just practices, I have found a new sense of fun and joy within the sport thanks to Christen. I’m excited to race again."


Auburn Swimmer

Girl with Folders

"Christen has been one of the biggest game changers for me in terms of both my training and performance. Over the years, she has helped me navigate transferring schools, swimming up to my potential and uncovering my confidence. With her help, I have had my training finally translate to my performance and I now have the tools to handle my mental blocks and performance anxiety."


Cal All American Swimmer

Girl with Folders

"I can’t believe how much growth and perspective I got in working with Christen in such a short amount of time. Christen has given me the tools to empower myself. I’ve learned that confidence and fear can both coexist and that fear does not mean weakness. What I have learned through Christen has allowed me to take charge of my own athletic career and these lessons are assets that I will use in all aspects of my life."


Univ of Florida All American

Girl with Folders

"Working with Christen has done so much for me. Having someone on the “outside” to talk to about life and how to be more comfortable in who I am as an athlete and a human has been life changing. I cannot thank her enough. I wouldn’t be where I am without her!"


University of Kentucky Swimmer

Girl with Folders

"Before working with Christen, I had a fear of racing and put an abundant amount of pressure on myself. Working with her has allowed me to open up and face the truth. She has helped me understand that I am in control of my own swimming, nobody else. With Christen’s help, I can now approach practice and meets with more confidence than ever. I will forever be grateful for her help and what she has taught me."


National Junior Team/Carmel Swim Club

Girl with Folders

"Within athletics there is a lot of pressure. This pressure can build up and break the mindset an athlete has been working so hard on over countless years of competitions. When an athlete hits this point, they feel lost. Working with Christen has been a blessing. She has helped me break down all my barriers in my way inside and outside of the pool letting me believe in myself again. I cannot thank her enough."


Indiana University Swimmer

Girl with Folders

"Working with Coach Christen has allowed me to face my fears and doubts by recognizing and acknowledging all of the hard work I do. She has given me the tools I need to feel confident not only in the pool, but in all areas of my life. I am incredibly grateful for all she has taught me and cannot thank her enough."


UVA All American Swimmer

Girl with Folders

"Working with Coach Christen has taught me how to take control of my fears. This has not only helped me transform my mindset in swimming, but also in many aspects of my life. I have found comfort in knowing that I’m not the only one with doubts, and we are capable of learning how to manage this negative self talk. Christen has equipped me with tools that I will use for the rest of my life!"


Univ of Florida All American Swimmer

Girl with Folders

"Christen has helped me overcome so many mental barriers and build confidence in myself.
She has given me the necessary tools to be the best athlete day in and day out as well as during competitions.
Working with Christen has given me the confidence to know that I am in the best position possible to reach success when I step up on the blocks.
I am so thankful for all she has done for me and helping me be the best version of myself."


Univ of Georgia All American Swimmer

Girl with Folders

"Working with Christen has truly changed my life.
She has given me the tools I need to feel prepared before competing.
She has helped me learn how and what real confidence feels like.
I am so thankful for this experience."


US National Team/NC State Swimmer

Girl with Folders

“Working with Christen has transformed me into the athlete I’ve always wanted to be.
She helped me rediscover my confidence which has not only helped my swimming, but also my everyday life.
She taught me how to recognize my hard work at practice and overcome the fears and doubts that would go through my head before a race.
I can’t thank her enough for all she’s done to help me.”


UVA All American Swimmer

Girl with Folders

“Working with Coach Christen has helped me gain the perspective I needed to overcome my fears in practice and competitions. Christen taught me how to overcome negative self talk and transform my mental game. Working with Christen was the missing piece I needed to help regain my confidence.“


US National Team/Indiana Univ Swimmer

Girl with Folders

"Christen has given me the tools I need to play my best on the course. Her wisdom has allowed me to start believing the truth - that I belong in highly competitive tournaments, that I have earned the right to do well, and that I can be confident in my preparation despite having fear. The self awareness I have gained from Christen has transformed my thinking both on and off the golf course."


Duke Golf/ACC Champion

Girl with Folders

"Working with Christen may have been the best decision I have ever made.
It is no secret that athletes deal with so much pressure and expectations.
Personally I have struggled with anxiety and pressure before big events and I have learned
to be ok with being nervous and manage people’s expectations of me.
She helped me gain my confidence back.
Learning to control what I can control was pivotal to my success.
Thank you, Christen, for being so easy to talk to. You have opened my eyes
to many great things and helped me shift my mindset, my focus and perspective
into achieving whatever I put my mind to."


3x Olympian

Girl with Folders

"I cannot thank Christen enough for her support.
Her care and attention goes beyond helping within sport, but to the whole person.
She has helped my confidence in swimming, but even more so in being my best self every single day.
I am so lucky to have a role model like Christen who has helped me become
A better athlete, teammate and woman."


UVA All American Swimmer

Girl with Folders

"Christen has helped me immensely with my confidence and even after one session,
I saw an immediate impact on my racing and my ability to stay calm and confident during competitions.
After many years of struggling to perform, Christen has helped me rediscover my strengths
and learn to combat my weaknesses and I couldn’t be more grateful for all her amazing help!"


Penn State Swimmer

Girl with Folders

"Mental health and psychological game is undoubtedly the most vital part of being an athlete. 
Being a national level athlete is no small feat, and Christen has helped me strengthen my confidence and find pride in my everyday accomplishments. Wth her advice and listening ear, I have learned to love what is good for me and to focus on the things I have control of. 
Her wisdom has allowed me to approach competitions and practice with a better mindset, therefore making me a happier and more successful swimmer."


US National Team/UVA Swimmer

Girl with Folders

"Working with Christen has helped me gain the confidence I need to compete at the highest level. I have been able to view myself as an equal rather than keep myself down on a lower pedestal."


US National Team/UVA Swimmer

Girl with Folders

"Before I talked with Christen, I used to doubt myself and trick myself into believing that I didn't care about my hard work. Christen showed me how to realign my mentality before I raced so that I was able to realize my full potential in the pool. She taught me how to counteract my doubt and negative self talk, and now I am able to approach practices and races with more confidence than I ever could have imagined."


US Olympian/UVA Swimmer

Girl with Folders

"I was amazed by how much clarity and perspective I gained over the course of four conversations with Christen. As an amateur runner, I feel like I've read all the books and blogs and listened to all the podcasts on confidence and mental toughness. But it was Christen who helped me figure out how to identify what was holding me back and how to reframe my thinking."


Amateur Runner

Girl with Folders

"You always walk away from Christen feeling like you have gained not only a new perspective, but also tools and skills to help achieve your greatest goals, in and out of the sporting arena. God placed an angel in my life when He gave me Christen."


2x US Olympian

Girl with Folders

"Working with Christen gave me the confidence to face my fears and the clarity to set big goals for myself. With her guidance, I've learned how to be my own biggest cheerleader."


US Olympian

Girl with Folders

"I can honestly say that Christen was the missing piece of the puzzle I needed to wake up and take control of my confidence."


2x US Olympian

Girl with Folders

"I worked with many sports psychologists in the past, and I never truly saw permanent improvement. In a short time working with Christen, I saw changes that have become concrete in my decision making and how I view myself. Working with her was one of the best decisions I could have made."


3x US Olympian

Girl with Folders

"Working with Christen has been a life changing experience for my swim career and for my life. With her guidance, I was able to transform my mental practice. The one thing that was holding me back became one of my greatest assets in my performance."


US Olympian

Girl with Folders

"Before working with Christen, my goal of making the US Olympic team was just a dream. Because of her help, support and guidance, that dream became a reality. "


US Olympian

Image by Michael Maasen


I’m not sure where we would be if Christen had not come into our lives. Managing the teenage years is stressful enough in itself. The additional demands and stressors of swimming can make things that much more complicated.


By working with Christen, it became quickly apparent to me that my daughters were not only learning valuable skills to navigate and succeed in their athletic career but that they were developing essential tools to help them flourish in an even more difficult arena, the game of life.


As parents, my husband and I noticed our relationship with our daughters also became more calm. It was exceptionally helpful for them to have an outside person to talk to who really understood the pressures of sport especially from a female perspective. Christen’s experience as a former athlete and coach place her in a league of her own.


Words cannot describe how grateful we are to Christen, the true Confidence Coach!



Image by Michael Maasen
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