A 30 Day Confidence Challenge
for Female Athletes 

by Christen Shefchunas

Coming August 2021

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Confidence - Christen teaches women how to be confident in themselves, how to trust that confidence and how to use it to be successful, not only in sports, but in every area of life. 


Mental Strength - Christen is not a sports psychologist. She knows that every woman is unique, and there isn’t a “one size fits all” solution. She believes in getting to the root of what is holding you back from your potential, and then creates a personal plan to handle your fears, doubts and anxiety in your “pressure to perform” moments.


Mentorship - Christen knows that life outside of sport affects sport. She is passionate about walking through every area of life with you, focusing on motivation, emotional support, growth, character development and life skills. She knows that when you are thriving in life outside of sport, it gives you your best chance of reaching your potential in sport.


Spend 45-60 minutes one on one with

Coach Christen on the phone or FaceTime.

Image by Michael Maasen


I’m not sure where we would be if Christen had not come into our lives one year ago. Managing the teenage years is stressful enough in itself. The additional demands and stressors of swimming can make things that much more complicated.


By working with Christen, it became quickly apparent to me that my daughters were not only learning valuable skills to navigate and succeed in their athletic career but that they were developing essential tools to help them flourish in an even more difficult arena, the game of life.


As parents, my husband and I noticed our relationship with our daughters also became more calm. It was exceptionally helpful for them to have an outside person to talk to who really understood the pressures of sport especially from a female perspective. Christen’s experience as a former athlete and coach place her in a league of her own.


Words cannot describe how grateful we are to Christen, the true Confidence Coach!



Image by Michael Maasen


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3x Olympian

"As an athlete that always took the fake it until you make it mentality, Christen stepped in and motivated me to truly and honestly believe in myself. Christen is the only person who saw through and broke down my fake exterior to help me rebuild a more authentic me. There would have come a time when I would have crumbled but because Christen caught me before I even knew I was falling, I owe her the world. I wouldn't be the person or athlete I have become without her continuing to stand beside me to continue to fortify me. She is along for the whole journey and not just a couple of steps."

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US National Team Swimmer

"Coach Christen has been with me through the hardest time in my life. I met her before I went through the wringer, and she helped to pull me out. Beyond that, she didn’t just give me a hand, she walked with me step by step and gave me the mental tools I needed to become the absolute best version of myself. That version is continuously changing and evolving, and I couldn’t be more grateful to have Christen and her expertise to help me in my journey."

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All American, Univ of Texas

"Throughout my swim career, I have struggled translating great practices into great performances. As one of my teammates once told me, I had constructed a fast car with my hard work, I was just lacking the keys to drive it. Building my confidence has the been the key to performing the same way I practice. Talking with Coach Christen has given me the confidence to perform in the way that reflects my training. And bonus! Building my confidence has made me more joyful in my life outside of the pool too!"

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WNBA Atlanta Dream & Chicago Sky

"Coach Christen was a huge help to me as I was going through the transition from being a college athlete to a WNBA rookie. With her guidance and support, I was able to grow not just as a player, but as a woman. I’m thankful for my time with her."

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2016 Paralympian

"After working with Coach Christen, I have been able to foster my confidence and truths and turn them into who I am today. I am so thankful for the lessons that she has taught me over the years. I am strong! I am a fighter! I am a badass! I can succeed!"

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Professional Athlete

"Working with Coach Christen has been a life changing experience for my swim career and my life. She has a unique way of guiding you through your fears and doubts. She teaches you to be mindful of what’s holding you back, and before you know it, you realize that fears and doubts are just that; thoughts. She teaches you that you are more than just your negative thoughts and that you have the power to overcome them."

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2x Olympian

"I have been working with Coach Christen for a few years, and I can honestly say that she was the missing piece of the puzzle I needed to wake up and take control of my confidence."

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2x Olympic Medalist

"As any athlete can tell you, it takes a lot of support to get to an elite level. Coach Christen was one of the most instrumental pieces in my support system. She always brought out the best in me, as an athlete and as a person. She taught me how to be confident in myself, how to trust that confidence, and how to use it to be successful. Before working with Coach Christen, my goal of making the 2016 United States Olympic Team was just a dream. Because of Coach Christen’s help, support, and guidance, that dream became a reality."

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Olympic Saber Fencer

"I have worked with many sports psychologists in the past and I never truly saw permanent improvement. In a short time working with Coach Christen, I have seen changes that have become concrete in my decision making and how I view myself. Her understanding of what it takes to be a female athlete helps me get to the root of the problem with my confidence and address it. Working with Coach Christen during my 2020 Olympic Trials was the best decision I could have made."

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US National Team Swimmer

"Coach Christen has helped me work through a lot of negative self talk during practices and competitions. I felt stuck in a stage where I was never going to hit my best times again. My worries were constantly overwhelming me. With Christen’s help, she has taught me to speak truth to my fears and doubts, and start giving myself credit for all of my hard work. When I know that I have done enough work in practice and I know that I am enough as a person, then I am confident enough to race and give it my all."

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WNBA Champion with Phoenix Mercury

"I started working with Coach Christen during a WNBA season when I was struggling mentally and physically on and off the court. I lost confidence in my game and I also doubted whether or not I could continue to play at the top level. Coach Christen has worked with top athletes, therefore she knew exactly what I was dealing with. I can think of no one better for listening with open arms and nonjudgmental perspective. The positive energy that Coach Christen brings to every conversation motivates me to believe in myself! Having Coach Christen as my confidence coach, I have become a better person, a better daughter, a better sister, a better friend and a better player."

Image by Michael Maasen