Twenty-two years of coaching and working one on one with women, Coach Christen speaks to women about REAL Confidence. Christen was an assistant swim coach at Michigan State and SMU before becoming the Head Coach at the University of Miami. Watching so many women miss out on their dreams because of fear, doubts and lack of confidence, she left her coaching career to start speaking to women about Confidence and work as a Confidence Coach for female athletes. Christen found herself back in the swimming world in 2015 working with Team Elite, a group of Olympians and National Team members as they prepared for the 2016 Olympic Trials and Olympic Games. In 2016, she created Coach Christen, LLC and works one on one with some of the top female athletes in the world as a Confidence Coach. She also speaks to teams, athletes, women’s organizations and women in business about handling those "pressure to perform" moments and building REAL Confidence. Christen is the creator of Confidence Nuggets, a bracelet line that reminds women of their TRUTH, and her Youtube channel, The Confidence Nugget is a mix of interviews with Olympic hopefuls and videos talking openly and honestly about confidence.


"Lots of great information that all women need to hear." 

“FINALLY, we are able to hear from a woman with a woman’s perspective about fear and building confidence.”

"This was so applicable in my life! I needed that."