Christen Shefchunas is a professional Confidence Coach who works with athletes ranging from Olympians, World Champions and NCAA All Americans to your everyday high school athlete. As a former Division I head coach, Christen watched too many women miss out on their potential because of their lack of confidence. Realizing that there was a significant lack of resources for these athletes, Christen left her 16-year coaching career and started Coach Christen, a business focused on helping female athletes. She works one-on-one as a Confidence Coach with some of the best female athletes in the world and she speaks to teams, athletes, women’s organizations and women in business about confidence, handling fears, and what to do in those “pressure to perform” moments. She is the creator of Confidence Nuggets, a bracelet line created to remind women of their truth and she is the author of 30 Days to Confident. A 30 Day Confidence Challenge for Female Athletes. 


"Lots of great information that all women need to hear." 

“FINALLY, we are able to hear from a woman with a woman’s perspective about fear and building confidence.”

"This was so applicable in my life! I needed that."